Historic bike tour Steinkjer - the Golden Road - Stiklestad - Falstad - Explorative - Be explorative

Historic bike tour Steinkjer - the Golden Road - Stiklestad - Falstad

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Sykle gjennom historien!

Experience the Golden Road and Norway’s history by bike. Spend 3 days experiencing traditional Trønder food, scenery and history. Learn about Saint Olav and enjoy the taste of delicious local food.

The route passes through beautiful landscapes from Steinkjer via the Golden Route to Stiklestad and continues on to Munkeby Herberge and the Falstad Centre on day 3. Before departure you will receive map and rout description and we will transfer your luggage to your chosen accommodation venues.

Historic stops and good food

Langs ruta er det masse historiske stoppesteder, fra bronsealder, vikingtid og middelalder til gripende ny krigshistorie. Samtidig kan du stoppe innom sjarmerende gårdsbutikker, spennde gallerier, og møte fantastisk vertskap underveis. 

Difficultuy: Medium
Distance: approx 120 km
Daily stages: 27/44/24(50) km
Suitable for: Adults and children with som bike experience

Price includes

- 3 days bike hire
- Map and route de
- Collection of the bike from Munkeby or the Falstad Centre
-Luggage transfer - choose day
- Helmet
- Pump
- Bicycle bag
- Tool kit
Add requests for accommodation, lunch and table reservations during your booking!

Accommodation and dining

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From NOK 8'200

+2 Additional options

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Day 1 – Steinkjer to Straumen in Inderøy

The trip starts in Steinkjer where you head towards Straumen in Inderøy and the Golden Route. Along the way you enjoy lunch in the cafe at Gulburet before reaching your destination in Straumen: one of the charming hotels in Straumen. Friendly hosts, delicious food and beautiful views, as well as a handful of charming niche shops awaits you.

Day 2: Straumen to Stiklestad

Day two you cycle through the history from Inderøy via the medieval church at Mære, the burial mounds at Skeifeltet and along Lake Leksdalsvatnet.  Along the route there are several great places to stop and enjoy your packed lunch provided by the hotel. If you feel like it, you can take a dip in the lake! At Stiklestad National Culture Centre and Scandic Stiklestad you can walk in St. Olav’s footsteps and get Norway’s history conveyed through exhibitions and the museum.

Day 3 – Stiklestad to Munkeby and Falstad in Levanger

You continue further along the pilgrim route St Olavsleden, Munkeby and then to Falstad.  Both places offer good food, good hostmaship, comfy beds and stories that grab you. When you travel, you leave the bike at Munkeby or Falstadsenteret (let us know where!), And we will make sure to pick it up after your departure. To get to the train station we recommend a taxi.


  • The historic reconstructed town Steinkjer
  • The Golden Road
  • Gangstad Farm Dairy
  • Gulburet
  • Nils Aas Art Workshop
  • Straumen
  • Skeifeltet
  • Lake Leksdalsvatnet
  • Stiklestad nasjonale Cultural Centre
  • St. Olavsleden pilgrimage trail
  • Munkeby Herberge
  • Falstad Centre


  1. Strandvegen 21, Steinkjer
  2. Nessetvegen 11
  3. Sandvollanvegen 391B
  4. Norway
  5. Mære
  6. Skei
  7. Steinkjer
  8. Stiklestad
  9. Munkebyvegen 247, Levanger
  10. Falstadvegen 59, Ekne