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In the footsteps of Viking kings

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Travel in the footsteps of viking kings and their army!

Follow Kalv Arnesson's peasant army from the Chieftain's Seat at Egge to Stiklestad, where the battle took place in 1030. Discover the history and learn why farmers and noblemen clashed at Stiklestad almost 1000 years ago.

Imagine that a battle took place here in Innherred in 1030 that changed Norway as a nation. At the Egge Museum and Stiklestad National Cultural Center, you can delve into the exciting history of the battles at Mære and Stiklestad. Viking chieftains united in the struggle between old and new beliefs. You can walk, drive, or cycle in the footsteps of the Peasant Army and meet knowledgeable guides.

Chieftain's Seat at Egge - Egge Museum
Here, you will become acquainted with the ancient Chieftain's Seat, Egge farm, located on a ridge in the heart of a landscape of power. Once upon a time, the ancient chieftains Olve Grjotgardsson and Kalv Arnesson reigned here in the early 11th century. Sigrid from Bjarkøy was the wife of both Olve and Kalv and is also part of this story. The history of Egge intertwines with the power struggle for the kingship in Norway, the history of Olav Haraldsson, and the transition from paganism to Christianity.

Mære Church
Mære Church is built on the same site where the ancient pagan temple stood. In the summer of 1021, the prominent farmers gathered for the midsummer blót (pagan ritual) at Mære, and many dramatic events unfolded in the conflict between old and new beliefs. The Battle of Mære and the killing of Chieftain Olve ironically became the first sting that turned the chieftains against the king. Here, you will learn more about the small wooden church built as a punishment for the blót.

Stiklestad National Cultural Center
Olav and the royal army encountered a superior peasant army led by Kalv Arnesson at Stiklestad on July 29th, 1030. Olav was killed, and according to history, the king fell where the altar of Stiklestad Church was later built. Just one year after his death, Olav was elevated to sainthood. The battle changed Norway and laid the foundation for the modern Norway we see today, with Christianity, judiciary, and values that shape the country. Here, you will enjoy a guided tour, learn more about what happened during and after the battle, and visit Stiklestad Church.

The package includes:
- One night's accommodation in a double room at Quality Hotel Steinkjer
- One night's accommodation in a double room at Stiklestad Scandic Hotel
- One lunch at Chef Mathall, Steinkjer
- Entrance tickets to Stiklestad and Egge museums

From NOK 2'250

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By car:
Start at Egge Museum, make a stop at Chef Mathall in Steinkjer before continuing the journey to Mære Church. Drive to Lundsaunet and take a walk along the Gamle Kongeveg (Old King's Road) or Ol-Stoln (and back). End the car trip at Stiklestad. Here, you can enjoy a nice dinner and experience Stiklestad the following day.

By bike:
Cycle from Quality Hotel Steinkjer to Egge Museum, Mære Church, have lunch at Inderøy, Flaget, or 755. Stay overnight at Koa Camping. Cycle up to Lundsaunet. Take a walk along the Gamle Kongeveg. New bikes await on the Verdalssida (to be picked up from the Inderøysida). Cycle to Stiklestad. Dinner and entrance to Stiklestad are included.


  • Quality Hotel Steinkjer
  • Stiklestad Scandic-Hotell
  • Chef Mathall, Steinkjer
  • Stiklestad Vikingsommer
  • Egge Museum


  1. Steinkjer
  2. Egge alle 70, Steinkjer
  3. Unnamed Road, Sparbu
  4. Stiklestad