The wilderness route by bike from Grong to Verdal - Explorative - Be explorative

The wilderness route by bike from Grong to Verdal

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Do you fancy a tough bike ride in unspoiled nature?

In the heart of Norway and Trøndelag, you have the opportunity to bring your friends or family on two wheels in the edge zone of Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park.

The trip starts from Grong via Snåsa and Ogndal, and ends in Verdal, a stretch of 150 kilometers, with accommodation and food along the way - the prerequisites for a memorable trip are all there. The tour is suitable for the more experienced bikers.

Route description

Drive a car or take the train to Grong train station and bike along dirt roads to Holsingsetera Summer Mountain Farm. From Holsinsetera to the Østerslettet there is a 2.6 kilometer rolling path, before you again join a dirt road that takes you all the way to Mokk farm.

At Mokk farm you will be met by Kristin and Kjell who will look after you in the best way! Relax in the garden or enjoy a book in the living room before dinner.

From Mokk, the trip continues to Verdal via gravel roads and a shorter trolley path by the Malså mines. Do you want a night at Scandic Stiklestad before you travel on? Tick it later in the order!

Included in the package

  • 2 overnight stays
  • Dinner at Mokk Farm
  • Map and route description
Do you want luggage transport or accommodation in Verdal? Tick it off a little later in the order.

From NOK 4'500

+2 Additional options

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Stage proposal

Day 1:
Grong – Sanddølbrua: 10,5 km
Sanddølbrua bridge – Snåsa town centre: 32,5

Day 2:
Snåsa town centre – Breide: 8 km
Breide – exit to Roktdalen valley: 12 km
Roktdalen – Holsingsetra: 20 km
Holsingsetra – Østerslettet: 3 km
Østerslettet – Mokk Farm: 17 km

Day 3:
Mokk Farm – Malså historic mines: 9 km
Malså historic mines – Verdal: 40 km.

Total: Ca. 150 km


  • Lurudalen valley
  • Holsingsetra Summer Mountain Farm
  • Mokk Farn
  • Malså historic mines
  • Stiklestad


  1. Norway
  2. Snåsa
  3. Steinkjer
  4. Helgådalen
  5. Stiklestad
  6. Verdal