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An Adventurous Voyage on the Trondheimfjorden

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Voyage on the Trondheimsfjorden with SDS Hansteen!

Embark on SDS Hansteen, the world's oldest steam-powered sailing ship, and join us for a truly unique 3-day voyage on the inner Trondheim Fjord. Choose between booking the whole 3 days, day packages (inkl food and activities) or just the ticket for the boat journey:  

Date: 9.-11.August 2024
  • Day trip ticket, from 900 NOK per person
  • Ticket from pier to pier, 499 NOK for adults and 300 NOK for children under 12
  • Package tours/full-day packages from 1665 NOK to 2195 NOK
  • Full voyage, 5500 NOK (accommodation is additional)

Worlds oldest sailing steamship still in operation

SDS Hansteen, dating back to 1866, is the world's oldest sailing steamship still in use. It has a history as a research vessel, royal ship, and even features a royal lounge and exceptionally regal porcelain toilet onboard.

The ship visits old restored quays with a historical ambiance. At each port of call and onboard, travelers and visitors encounter displays, music, and much more about the local communities and cultural life associated with this maritime traffic.

"Hansteen" docks daily at the Maritime Museum, where restoration work is carried out in addition to regular maintenance. "Hansteen" is a floating cultural heritage site accessible to the public seeking knowledge about this venerable vessel.


Join us on the journey and discover local history, local cuisine, and hospitality from the locals.

Day 1 - Trondheim – Frosta - Mosvik - Straumen

The day begins in Trondheim, where we set sail towards Straumen, Inderøy! We'll stop by Frosta and enjoy a lovely lunch there. You'll be taken on a guided bus tour where we'll visit places like Tinghaugen and Logtun Church. In the afternoon, you'll be treated to a delicious local dinner at Mosvik Brygge before we conclude the day at Sundneshamn.

10. August
Day 2 - Sundneshamn - Venneshamn – Follafoss– Malm

We start the day at Sundneshamn, and our first stop is Venneshamn. Here, the Framverrandåggan event takes place, suitable for both adults and children. Lunch will be served, and there will be presentations at the Landhandelmuseet. We'll end the day in Follafoss and Malm with an exciting program.

11. August
Day 3 – Malm - Steinkjer – Ytterøy - Leksvik - Trondheim

From Steinkjer to Jørstadsjøen steamboat quay on Ytterøy. Here, you'll be served a delicious meal of fish soup, coffee, and cake. You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings and landscape, and you'll have a guided bus tour on Ytterøy with a coffee break at Ytterøy Bygdetun. The ship then sails to Leksvik, where we'll be served homemade stew, music by the Spilloppene band before the day concludes, and you're back in Trondheim at 8:45 PM.

Please note that small changes in the programme may occur.

Come sail with us, SDS Hansteen is waiting for you!
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Welcome aboard SDS Hansteen on the 9.-11.August 2024!

From NOK 1'665

+3 Additional options

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Day 1. 9. August 
Departure from Trondheim at 10:00 AM
Arrival at Frosta, Småland Harbor at 12:15 PM
Departure from Frosta, Småland Harbor at 4:00 PM
Arrival at Mosvik Brygge at 6:45 PM
Arrival at Sundneshamn at 9:30 PM

Day 2. 10.August
Departure from Sundneshamn at 10:00 AM
Arrival at Framverran at 11:40 AM
Excursion to/from Framverran from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
Departure from Framverran, Venneshamn at 1:30 PM
Arrival at Follafoss at 2:40 PM
Departure from Folafoss to Malm by bus
Arrival at Malm at 6:00 PM            

Dag 3. 11.august
Departure from Malm by bus at 7:45 AM
Departure from Follafoss at 8:00 AM
Arrival at Ytterøy at 11:00 AM
Departure from Ytterøy at 2:00 PM
Arrival at Leksvik at 4:10 PM
Departure from Leksvik at 5:30 PM
Arrival in Trondheim at 8:45 PM

Please note that small changes in the programme may occur.


  • The Trondheimsfjorden
  • The voyage
  • World's oldest sailing steamship
  • Trondheim
  • Frosta
  • Mosvik
  • Leksvik
  • Straumen
  • Follafoss
  • Malm
  • Ytterøy
  • Great food experiences
  • Good storytelling
  • Great hostmanship
  • Local history


  1. Trondheim
  2. Frosta
  3. Mosvik
  4. Straumen
  5. Framverran
  6. Steinkjer
  7. Malm
  8. Ytterøy
  9. Leksvik