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Canoe trip on Ogna

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Be explorative!

Book a canoe trip from Hyllbrua to Støa in Ogndal. Calm river offering beautiful nature and suitable for families and friends on a trip. Bring some packed lunch and set up camp along the riverbank at one of the designated rest areas.

Each canoe can accommodate 3-4 people (or 2 adults and 2 children).

Rental includes paddles and life jackets. The timing is approximate.

It is advantageous to have two cars for this trip, as the distance is just under 10 kilometers on an asphalt road. Don't have two cars? You can rent bicycles from us to get back to Hyllbrua and your car, or you can paddle back and forth to Storbekken. You can rent bicycles later in the booking process.

Paddle in Jens Kvernmo's realm
The adventurer Jens Kvermo is known for his explorations in both Norwegian and foreign mountains. However, his childhood mountains are the Skjækerfjella in Ogndal.

Ogna is the ultimate starting point for a calm canoe trip with family and friends. Here, you can paddle on calm waters in the river, land ashore, have food at the designated rest areas, and continue paddling. The river is peaceful, allowing you to get up close to nature. Ogna is perfect for both beginners and experienced paddlers. There are no rapids or waterfalls, making it safe and easy to paddle.

Complete wilderness experience
Do you want a complete wilderness experience? Spend a night or more at the traditional mountain farm, Mokk Gård, deep in Ogndal. Explore the Skjækerfjella mountains on foot or embark on a cycling trip. Specify your accommodation preferences later in the booking process!

Overnight canoe trip with hammock in Ogndal Plan an extraordinary overnight trip and spend the night in a hammock by the banks of the Ognas river after a day of canoeing!

Halfway through the paddling trip between Hyllbrua (departure) and Støa (arrival), you'll find the rest area Storbekken with a campfire spot, benches, toilets, and nice spots for your hammocks. As you drive into the valley, you can stop there and leave the equipment you don't need to carry in the canoe.

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+1 Additional options

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The canoe trip from Hyllbrua to Støa in Ogndal was ranked among the top 5 canoe trips in the country in 2020 by newspaper Nationen.


  1. Hyllbrua
  2. Storbekken
  3. Støa